Do you spend too much time building reports with Google Analytics data?

How to streamline dashboard reporting with Google Analytics?

There are lot of ways you can optimize your reporting with Google Analytics and I would like to bring your attention to a very powerful solution as described below.

Our solution is not an Excel plugin but it is a packaged Datawarehouse. Let me assure and explain in very simple terms.

  1. Connect to your profile [or as many profiles]
  2. Pick your metrics
  3. Save your query

This 3 step process will let you define a complete workflow of extracting your website metrics into a MySQL database table. Yes, you can import any combination of Google metrics and columns into any MySQL table.

Once you define the workflow, it will perform a full load and then on a daily basis it will keep appending new data to the same table. This happens without any intervention from your side.

What do you do with the data in MySQL tables?

Good question! We have packaged the entire thing with our Data visualization platform so it is easy to build visual analysis, join the data with your internal data like Profit Loss, CRM data and so on.

Can you add multiple profile data into the same table?

Yes, that is the beauty of this solution. You can define as many tables you need per profile or streamline all into one fat table.

multiple google analytics profile

Can I do it on my own computer or server?

Yes, when we say "Packaged Datawarehouse", we mean it. You download, install and start. Configure Google Analytics projects

Can I do this online without downloading anything?

We have you covered for Cloud access. Just setup an account and we give you a personal MySQL database where all your data will flow into.

Can I extract more than once during the day?

For self-hosted option, you have full control on when to schedule the extracts. In our cloud service you can either have daily or daily + hourly.

Tell me more

We also give you the ability to upload any CSV file and convert into MySQL table. This is huge! Imagine the potential of having your marketing data sitting in the same vicinity as your finance and other social media data?

If you are interested, you can find more details right here or email us directly [] and we will answer all your questions.

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