My organization was looking for a way to chart MyQSL data on our website. One of the requirements was to use something that didn't require extensive coding or multiple js files to run. InfoCaptor fit the bill. The programmer interface …

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A quick patch was released to fix the problem in display of data labels for stack bar chart. Please grab the new versions

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A quick note that MockupTiger new version is now available. This release is for the cloud access. Desktop version of the wireframe tool is coming very soon. Link : Wireframe software online and desktop Key highlights of this mockup and …

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The front page of any company or organization is a very significant piece of that entity's web presence. The question whether the front page does its job depends on 1. What message it is trying to deliver to the audience. …

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The latest version of InfoCaptor Enterprise now has some very cool features. You can download it here We made a small tweak to the local install. Now when you install the dashboards can be accessed from any of your …

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Dashboard Reporting comes in variety of format. There are dashboards that are for information display purpose like "Airport Terminal displays" and there are dashboards that take a step further and let you interact with the dashboard elements. InfoCaptor now allows …

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InfoCaptor Enterprise is now available for everybody to build and use dashboards in the cloud. There is no installation or setup required. Just create a login and start using. Bottomless visualization options Connection adapters to SQL databases (direct connection, …

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You have been researching Dashboard and reporting tools and there are so many options available on the market. Some tools are just PDF tutorials that tell you to build Excel templates and use Excel as dashboarding tool and some tools …

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I am on the final stages of releasing the beta for our web based dashboard engine. This was a long time coming. The dashboard engine is completely PHP based with Flash charting engine. We have licensed the Flash charting engine …

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We will be introducing a chart factory wizard with the Dashboard Designer. With this chart wizard, it will be a breeze to create different chart objects from a tabular output. Here is a brief flow of how the task can …

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