So far InfoCaptor has been just a Business Intelligence application with excellent Data visualization and dashboard capabilities. With the new release of InfoCaptor, we are introducing a data-warehouse that is packaged with the software. What is meant by packaged Datawarehouse? …

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Within InfoCaptor Dashboard software, every component is allowed to look different by providing different color schemes for background, border, text and the actual graphics. This gives lot of freedom for a creative designer. For average business users , we don't …

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Introducing brand new Sankey Visualizaton With the latest release of InfoCaptor, you can build Sankey Diagrams by just drag and drop operations. Sankey Visuals are one of the most powerful visualizations. It illustrates flows of any kind, where the width …

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InfoCaptor now officially works and certified with Cloudera's Hadoop distribution and specifically with Hive and Impala. Earlier InfoCaptor supported only JDBC protocol but now along with CDH integration, it has introduced ODBC protocol to take advantage of efficient drivers from …

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People are drowning in Data and Organizations are drowning in a plethora of Analytic applications. Organizations are increasingly abandoning thin client mantra and are forced to adopt a mix of desktop based and web based analytic applications. If you notice …

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The latest version of InfoCaptor Enterprise now has some very cool features. You can download it here We made a small tweak to the local install. Now when you install the dashboards can be accessed from any of your …

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Earlier in May 2012 we released our cloud based Dashboard Solution at As anticipated, lot of users requested if they could host the same software within their own network. We are extremely excited to announce the availability of self …

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Building User Interface Mockups is now extremely easy using our new online wireframes service. It is the same MockupTiger application but now you don't have to worry about installation and setup. Just login and start using.

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InfoCaptor is now over 6 yrs old and over these years we have done numerous custom dashboard development work using our own software. When the customer approaches us for a dashboard requirement usually they have a spreadsheet and very little …

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You have been researching Dashboard and reporting tools and there are so many options available on the market. Some tools are just PDF tutorials that tell you to build Excel templates and use Excel as dashboarding tool and some tools …

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