Dashboard Reporting

InfoCaptor Dashboard Software is a Desktop tool that runs on your PC.

You install it and connect to any database and quickly build dashboards with drop down parameters.

It has an intuitive Query Builder wizard that lets you build SQL queries. Once you build the tables you can convert them to any type of chart using the chart factory wizard.

InfoCaptor is available for both Windows and Linux platform.

Benefits / Features

  • Build Microsoft Access Dashboards
  • Build Excel Dashboards
  • Build SQL Server Dashboards
  • Build Oracle Dashboards
  • Build MySQL Dashboards
  • Build Dashboards with any ODBC data source

No coding knowledge required. Complete Visual Dashboard Development

Download . Connect . Build Dashboards . Instantly

Typical Usage of Dashboards

  • Call Center Dashboards - Connect to your CRM Database, visualize the tables in the query builder, pull all the necessary fields, create Dials, Gauges and Bar Charts
  • Management Dashboards - Enterprise or CEO Dashboards are often highly summarized dashboards with tons of metrics. Most of the time, an analyst gathers all of these metric numbers into an Excel spreadsheet by running multiple reports in different systems and aggregating them into a excel workbook. You can easily point Dashboard Designer to this Excel Spreadsheet and build a beautiful dashboard, export to PDF and send it to your CEO, CFO and the whole management.

    Typically, metrics such as Safety, Quality, Productivity etc are tracked manually in a Excel file and are easily visualized into Dashboard.

  • IT Dashboards : How about integrating information from your Maximo software, Remedy, Help Desk, Kintana, Migration tools, DBA activity all rolled up in a series of dashboard pages and you got a centralized single source of truth for your whole IT operation