Tabbed Database Browsing.

For Immediate Release
November, 2005

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Create Dashboard Tabs and organize your SQL Queries

RudraSoft has released Version 2.1 of InfoCaptor -- an application that allows users to create dashboards using simple SQL query and helps the user to organize their frequently used SQL queries.

InfoCaptor is a Rapid Development tool that helps you create, manage and publish Dashboards (“Views”).
InfoCaptor Dashboards can display information from different Databases on the same page.
These dash-boards allow for summarized (aggregated) view of information as well as detailed view that make up the summarized (aggregated) information.

Each dashboard can have any number of SQL queries with parameters and connect to different database instance of your choice.
You can define any number of Drills on any column.
You can format the output data with a rich set of formatting options.
You can export the formatted data to excel.

InfoCaptor is designed to work on Java Platform and Oracle Database. It can parse the tnsnames.ora file and create Oracle connection entries automatically. InfoCaptor is a data-safe tool so that the users can safely browse the data without fearing to modify the data accidently.

InfoCaptor Professional Dashboard Designer costs $199.95 for a single-user license.
InfoCaptor Professional Viewer costs $159.95 for a single-user license. With the viewer license, users cannot create or modify dashboard files.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at