Dashboard and Business Intelligence competitors evaluated based on their front page content

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The front page of any company or organization is a very significant piece of that entity’s web presence.

The question whether the front page does its job depends on

1. What message it is trying to deliver to the audience.

2. How quickly it delivers the message to the audience.

3. How forceful the message is.

Sometimes, due to bad copyrighting, the front page may deliver an unexpected message and the question comes to mind “how often do we analyze our front page”

As a very interesting experiment at Dashboardzone, all the business intelligence vendors are put through a text analysis evaluation and the results are visualized into bubble word clouds

Here is the table that lists all the BI vendors and the top three words that bubble up on their front page.

vendor words first second third
SAP 270 sap software business
IBM Cognos 169 cognos business software
Dundas 149 dundas dashboard dashboards
Infocaptor 184 dashboard infocaptor easy
Information Builders 272 management data business
Microstrategy 132 free microstrategy software
Logixml 137 analytics logi product
Oracle 243 oracle business learn
Tableau 139 data analytics easy
Pentaho 127 data pentaho analytics
Qlikview 139 qlikview contact support
SAS 197 sas analytics business
Sisense 185 data sisense prism
VisualMining 160 performance business software
Chartio 41 data chartio product
Gooddata 144 gooddata bash data
Jaspersoft 243 jaspersoft analytics 2013
Tibco Spotfire 178 spotfire tibco data


And here is the snapshot of all the visuals together

bi dashboard vendors



Since we released the free bubble cloud generator, the service has been sighted at lot of interesting places.

Lot of people have analyzed their linkedin pages, individual web pages and their vacation trips.

Hope you find a good use for this bubble visualizer and send us a link of your creation.

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