Building High-Quality Backlinks People Will Actually Follow

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When it comes to your online presence, having a website is not enough if you don’t optimize it for search engines. This being said, there are different components that you need to concern yourself with your keyword usage to tagging and so on and so forth. One of the things that you have to invest time and effort in is building backlinks.

Backlinks generally are links from other websites connecting their page to yours. If you’re thinking that creating these links is easy, think again. Although you can have other sites tag your pages from theirs, the quality of these links may be questionable and therefore ineffective.

What you want to have connected to your website are the kinds of links that people will actually follow. You also want them to have the same attitude towards your own links from the other pages that they visit on the Web. In order to have backlinks of a high quality, here are some of the things worth taking into consideration:

  1. Relevance

Just like how important it is when it comes to your site’s content, the kinds of backlinks that you should have should be relevant to whatever information it is that your site has to offer. If you carry content relevant to dog care, it would not be ideal to have backlinks related to sites about crafting or music for example. The more relevant your backlinks are, the more credible you will be to those who visit your page or link to your page from other related sources.

There are actually times when search engines penalize sites for having irrelevant links for the sake of having links on their page. This is not the kind of attention that you want to receive from search engines. Commit the mistake several times in a row and your website will get a bad rap and a very low ranking. When it does, it won’t be as easy to raise this ranking. So focus on having a general theme in place for your content and backlinks.

  1. Authority

Another thing that you have to do is not fear authority websites. Basically, when a site that you link to or from is highly credible, the better it will be for you to have backlinks of the sort. Metrics from a third-party can be very useful if you’re working on increasing your search engine ranking so choose wisely when building these links.

If you do get an offer to link to a site but it doesn’t seem credible to you, politely refuse. Unlike what most people want to believe, there are plenty of opportunities to establish online links today as most sites are capitalizing on this teamwork ethic to boost their presence online. So work with strong websites, nothing less.

  1. Legitimacy

When you build backlinks, also make it a point to assess the sites you’re partnering with to see if they are legitimate or not. By no means should you work with clickbait sites and the like. Work with websites that are not only real but also those that actually have real traffic, not bots or whatever.

Although getting links from these kinds of sites may pose quite a challenge, these are the types of backlinks that you want to have on your website as they’re the most advantageous. But considering that you can’t simply get a site’s traffic in the open, do utilize special tools to get this information. You can easily find several of them online.

  1. Intelligence

Also think about how you write and where you apply your anchor text. To improve your website’s ranking, anchor text should be positioned in certain areas at certain quantities. Just like keyword stuffing, search engines don’t like it when you overuse anchor text.

  1. Cleanliness

Working with legit sites matter but you should also see to it that the neighborhoods of these sites are clean as well. Don’t work with pages that carry links to scam pages and the like. Legitimacy is one thing but cleanliness is a whole different story.

Basically, here are the things that you have to be mindful of when it comes to backlinks. Don’t forget the objective of building high-quality links and you won’t have problems with the process.


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