WooCommerce Rest API PHP Example – Error creating Order

How to create an Order using Woo Commerce Rest API Take a look at this short snippet for WooCommerce Rest API example On WooCommerce documentation for creating an Order you will see this PHP example <?php $data = [ ‘payment_method’ => ‘bacs’, ‘payment_method_title’ => ‘Direct Bank Transfer’, ‘set_paid’ => true, ‘billing’ => [ ‘first_name’ => ‘John’, … Read more

Install InfoCaptor Dashboard on CentOS for Trial or Demo

Table of Contents How to install PHP based dashboard on CentOS using Xampp and Tomcat1. Download Xampp for LinuxCreate infocaptor databaseLaunch the InfoCaptor install URLTomcat install needed for JDBC setupCreate Tomcat system userRunning Tomcat as the root user is a security risk and not considered best practice. How to install PHP based dashboard on CentOS … Read more

InfoCaptor Stack bar label fix

A quick patch was released to fix the problem in display of data labels for stack bar chart. Please grab the new versions

How to edit connection on existing dashboard or visualization

Scenario: You have built a dashboard on a development database connection and you need to migrate to a production server using production database. How do you change the connection on the dashboard charts and visualization? There are two ways to change/update connection settings. Method 1 1. Let say you created a connection handle mydb_dev and … Read more

How to delete or disable JDBC or database connection

Here are the steps to disable or remove any connection handle From the launch pad, click on Manage project/Users Switch to the “Database” Tab Select the connection handle by clicking on it Next, click on the pencil icon to edit the row Change the status from “Active” to “Disable” This will remove the connection handle … Read more

Firebird JDBC example and SQL to build dashboard

Here are the detailed steps to get connected with Firebird using JDBC and build dashboard with InfoCaptor. Assumptions Make sure Firebird is installed Make sure Firebird server is running Setup SYSDBA user and password (the default password is masterkey) 1. Download Firebird JDBC driver. For this tutorial we have used the 64bit drivers for windows … Read more