Sales KPI Dashboard for WooCommerce

This Sales KPI metrics report was built using Database Dashboard builder and adapted as an extensible reports plugin for wooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Sales Metrics by Category and SKU variants

This Pivot table analysis of Product Sales report was built using InfoCaptor Business Intelligence application and adapted as one of the most excellent plugin for e-commerce reporting

Export WooCommerce Order Details to CSV / Excel

This Export WooCommerce Order report was built using SQL Dashboard Creator and adapted as a full plugin for woo-commerce reports and dashboard

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WooCommerce Sales Analysis Report

Table of Contents Advanced Sales Analysis for WooCommerceWhat is the purpose of doing Sales Analysis for your Woo StoreFilters and Report Parameters for performing Sales AnalysisDate Range PickerStart Date, End Date Metric SelectionView BYPick Order StatusDeposit OrdersMeta Data FilterHow does the Meta Filter for Sales Analysis workList of WooCommerce Reports in the main pluginSummary Advanced … Read more

WooCommerce Reports and dashboards

WooCommerce Reporting Plugin and WooCommerce admin Dashboard Table of Contents Why WooCommerce is so popular for eCommerceWhat are the different kinds of stores possible with WooCommerce?How can woocommerce reporting increase Revenue for your online store? What are the different options for advanced woocommerce reporting?WooCommerce ReportsWooCommerce AdminWooCommerce Reporting Plugins VS SAAS OptionsReporting Extensions for WooCommerceWhat is … Read more

How to setup and use WooCommerce Reporting

Table of Contents Documentation for WooCommerce ReportsSetup and InstallationProcess Initial Data and setup Incremental Data loadTroubleshootingHow to apply license informationGo to the Info Tab and enter the license information for registration Documentation for WooCommerce Reports Setup and Installation Download the plugin file Login to WordPress and go to the plugin section Click on Add new … Read more

WooCommerce Rest API PHP Example – Error creating Order

How to create an Order using Woo Commerce Rest API Take a look at this short snippet for WooCommerce Rest API example On WooCommerce documentation for creating an Order you will see this PHP example <?php $data = [ ‘payment_method’ => ‘bacs’, ‘payment_method_title’ => ‘Direct Bank Transfer’, ‘set_paid’ => true, ‘billing’ => [ ‘first_name’ => ‘John’, … Read more