Best Tools for Keyword Rank Tracking

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An important element of search engine optimization (SEO) is choosing the right keyword. With the right keywords, you can make your content rank on search engines. But the work doesn’t stop after ranking, you still need to track the position of your keyword during the search. That way, you can obtain helpful information that will guide you in keeping your SEO efforts successful.

Why Check Keyword Ranking Regularly

One of the main reasons why you need to check your keyword ranking is to identify target keywords. Any SEO professional or blogger should understand how important it is for their content marketing strategies. In fact, a common mistake committed by website administrators and bloggers is writing and publishing articles that don’t target any keywords. It’s like aiming your arrow at something that you are not sure of.

Here are some of the best tools you can take advantage of when tracking your keyword rank:

SEMRUSH. When using this keyword rank tracking tool, it will take 10 to 15 minutes in order to determine which keywords or key phrases to use. Whether you are a webmaster or SEO specialist, this tool will help you analyze data for your clients and website. It also offers useful features such as in-depth reports, keyword grouping, and competitor tracking.

Google Rank Checker. This is a premium online tool that you can use for free. It will help you in tracking keyword positioning while making sure that you appear in search results. To use Google Rank Checker, all you need to do is enter the keywords that you want to check as well as your domain name. After putting in the details, you will now view the keyword rank.

SERPWatcher. SEO tools like SERPWatcherZDX  really help in achieving SEO goals. This tool provides great UI with its latest features in tracking keyword positioning for domains. The keyword position is tracked based on Geo location and device. Every day, you can check three keywords without paying any fee or track more keywords with paid plan.

Moz Rank Tracker. Almost all bloggers, webmasters, content marketers, and SEO professionals know about Moz. This is an expert SEO consulting company that offers wide range of helpful tools such as rank tracker. Using this, you can check website rankings on Yahoo!, Bing, and Google with customizable email notifications. It will also allow you to compare keyword positions with main competitors according to search engines, rank, and other important data.

Traffic Travis. This is a rank tracking online tool which you can easily download. You can make up to five projects and check 500 keywords using the free version. As it operates on your computer, search engines may temporarily block the IP address due to numerous ranking requests happening in that particular period. However, Traffic Travis will give you extra features you can enjoy for free such as on-page analysis, competitor research, and backlink analysis.

Benefits of Using Keyword Rank Tracking Tools

Everyone who is involved in the digital content world understands how essential it is to check keyword rank for SEO. On-page and off-page optimization as well as keyword research are the best combination of tactics you can use to ensure a spot on first-page results. It’s even more crucial to manage the way your site performs in search. Remember, web rankings constantly change and you need to keep up with those changes.

  • Improve visibility – determining the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features that boost website traffic helps improve visibility. Also, you need to optimize your content in order to guarantee high ranking in search. If all these are done right, rest assured to enjoy more sales every month.
  • Check competitor rankings – with competitive analysis, you can easily identify who ranks in search through specific keywords. Compare your site’s ranking performance with your biggest competitors and explore domain authority, title tags, anchor text, and link metrics.
  • Local and global ranking opportunity – track your keyword ranking on Yahoo!, Bing, Google, and other major search engines across the globe. The data is filtered by rank, labels, search engines, and many other factors.


Having the best keyword rank tracking tool will help you check keyword positions on search engines. Consider full-site audit, backlink checker, and other awesome features when choosing this online utility.

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