5 Benefits of Dashboards in the Marketing Industry

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What’s the first thing you look at when you flip on your computer screen in the morning? What’s the item you peek at on your phone even when your dinner partner wishes you’d leave work behind for the evening? For most people that addictive checking-tendency applies to their emails, but the truly business-savvy marketers are addicted to looking at their dashboards!

And why is that? It’s because dashboards provide a true and comprehensive look at everything important that is happening in your business.

With a well-constructed dashboard, you can see exactly where things stand with your business, literally at a glance. Let us just break down the benefits for you!

1. Instant Visibility. A dashboard visually summarizes all the important metrics you have selected to track, to give you a quick-and-easy overview of where everything stands. With real-time reporting, it’s a live view of exactly how your marketing campaign is performing. Select the Key Performance Indicators that you want to monitor, and your dashboard will let you instantly visualize everything— from your visitor traffic to your conversion rate to the sales generated in various venues.

2. Saving Time. Rather than printing out spreadsheets and reports to assess the health of your marketing campaign, you can simply refer to your dashboard to get the comprehensive information you need. The visual nature of a dashboard even saves you the time of interpreting the numbers.

3. Measurement Leads to Improvement. You can’t make the adjustments to your marketing if you don’t know where things currently stand. Until you know how your marketing campaign is proceeding, you can’t know what improvements and changes need to be implemented to make it even better. A dashboard allows you to compare your goals against your real-time results. You can also respond by reallocating resources or shifting strategy as needed, and you’ll know you’re always on top of your game.

4. Employee Motivation. Dashboard visuals show employees where their performance rates compared to their goals, and they can see the metrics move as a direct result of their work. As you work to cultivate a performance-driven workplace culture, there’s no better motivation for employees than seeing the real results of their work.

5. Ease of Reporting. Boards, clients, and investors love dashboards, because a dashboard presents the most pertinent information in the most easy-to-digest format possible. With a well-built dashboard, you won’t even need to take time to prepare with presentation software; you can pull up your live dashboard and show your invested parties exactly where your marketing stands in the very moment you’re talking to them. There’s no easier way to demonstrate the return on investment or effectiveness of your marketing.

The field of marketing is uniquely suited to the visual metrics available in a well-constructed dashboard. If you aren’t currently using one, you are spinning your wheels and expending an unnecessary amount of time on information-gathering! With the at-a-glance visual capabilities of a marketing dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor and improve your campaigns like never before.

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