Metrics are measurement values that you associate with certain actions and outputs. We can classify metrics into various categories and usually we should bother measuring and monitoring only those metrics that help our business grow or optimize our desired procedures.

But there are certain metrics and more importantly with today's social media that can be classified as "Good but not useful" or "Nice to have" metrics.

Let us call these metrics as "Vanity Metrics".

We can include the following metrics in the Vanity category

  1. Facebook metrics
  2. Twitter metrics
  3. Feedburner metrics
  4. Pinterest metrics
  5. Youtube metrics
  6. Backlink count
  7. and so on..


So how can we build a Vanity Dashboard that give us a single view mirror of our vanity metrics.

Here are the steps

  1. Login at
  2. Create a New Page from the Action Menu
  3. Drag the box widget or a bar chart widget
  4. Right click on the widget and select 'Data Source'
  5. In the drop down select 'Facebook'
  6. Next, Click on the 'Add Default Values' button
  7. This will provide default values in the parameter section
  8. Replace the URL with your own and then click OK
  9. This should bring up your URL specific metrics.
  10. Similarly follow the steps for Twitter, Feedburner etc

Here is our own InfoCaptor's Vanity Dashboard

Vanity Dashboard metrics

Click on to boost InfoCaptor's Ego.

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