Olive Garden is one of the favorite destination for Italian food and today we got hold of the entire Olive Garden menu along with their nutrition data. A typical meal at Olive Garden starts with a drink, appetizers [free bread …

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If number of searches were an indicator for gauging the popularity of a drink between Tea, Coffee, Beer and Wine then who wins the contest? Let us analyze who wins the popularity contest by comparing the number of searches for …

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This is a data analysis and visualization for players of American football who died while still on a team roster or a free agent. Included are players in the NFL, arena football, and college who have died as a result …

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Someone on Reddit posted a summary of counts of AMA by category. The counts are shown in this thread Let us see how quickly we can visualize this data? Step1 : We copy the data and paste into Excel Inside …

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In this tutorial, we will demonstrate some of the new and powerful features of InfoCaptor Enterprise. The new features include Dashboard prompts that let you set global filters on one or multiple widgets. It also demonstrates and teaches how to …

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