Migrate Dashboards from one server to another

Following steps will illustrate how to migrate dashboards from one infocaptor installation to another.

This applies to the scenario for migrating dashboards from DEV to TEST or from TEST to Production enviornments.

You may also use these steps to clone existing dashboards.

In this tutorial we will migrate the following HR dashboard



Each of the widgets on the dashboard is using the following connection



In the target enviornment, you can create the connection with the same handle as the source. This will ensure that the widgets will work after the dashboard migration. If the connection handle name is different then the only drawback is that you will need to go into each widget, right click and modify the data-source to point to the new connection handle.

In the Source system, follow these steps

1. Make sure no objects are selected

2. Go to the menu Export > Export Page/Selected Objects



The entire dashboard is exported to text (json format)


Copy this text.


You may save this in a text file and forward that text to your admin who has access to the production or target system. This text file can also be added to your source control system.

On the Target System

1. Create a blank new dashboard page


2. Go to the menu Export > Import Page


3. Paste the text contents that you exported from the source system


Notice that the entire text is pasted as single line.

4. Click on Import

Here is the imported dashboard


The blue lines around the widgets indicate they are all selected. Click any where on the canvas and they all will be de-selected.

This completes the dashboard migration.

NOTE: If you use dashboard filters/parameters then you will need to check each widget and point to the new names.

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