How to link multiple dashboards for easy navigation

This article will demonstrate how to link up multiple dashboards through a button or link bar.

The button and link bar widgets are available in the "Text_Links_Buttons" section in the left panel.




First let us understand some basics.

Any widget inside InfoCaptor can contain a URL and this URL can be anything that points to the web or to a particular dashboard. Each dashboard within InfoCaptor is also accessible by its own unique URL.

If the widget contains the following text <link=some_web_url>, then it knows that the URL is associated with the text either on the left or right side.

For e.g When we say Home <link=> then the widget will display just "Home" but it will associate and anchor that text to the URL you specified in the link tag.

This is true for all the widgets.

With this knowledge let us try to build a simple button bar where each button links to a different dashboard.

Drag the button bar


Double click and edit the text


We delete existing text and type the following


"Dashboard1, Dashboard2, Dashboard3"

Click OK and you will see the button bar modified


Now we will associate each button to a link

Double click to edit the text again

Place your cursor just to the left of the comma



Under the project window, there are lots of dashboards clubbed together.

Let say we want to associate the Bar Charts dashboard to Dashboard1

We simply right click on that page and select 'Add as link'




It added a link tag where the cursor was placed in the text box.

Similarly right click on the other dashboards that you want to link up


When you view the dashboard in presentation mode, you will see that the mouse changes to a pointer indicating the button is clickable.


You can now represent the link bar text in other controls such as bullet list etc


As you noticed, for vertical widgets, the text elements are separated by new line characters instead of comma.


Other widgets

Textual widgets like Sticky notes and paragraphs can also take the links



Sticky Note


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