Excel Dashboards – Auto Refresh on Parameter change

In the previous article we added a parameter (Create dashboard Parameter) and now we go on to enable Auto-Refresh.

Dynamic Refresh of Dashboard when changing Parameter

First take a note of the internal identifiers for each of the Graph portlet and Query portlets.

When you click on any portlet, the internal ID is displayed at the bottom in the status bar

The internal ID for 'By Region' portlet is = 'q32'.

Now we will add a trigger in the 'Year' parameter to refresh 'By Region' whenever the user changes or selects a year value


As shown above, edit the 'Year' parameter (right click on 'Year' title, select 'Edit')
Set "Run Dynamic Java Script" = 'Y'
Click on the 'Dynamic Java Script Editor'
Type the following command "//<REFRESH_LIST>q32</REFRESH_LIST>

You can refresh more than one portlet by adding the portlet id separated by comma
e.g. "//<REFRESH_LIST>q32,q34,g35</REFRESH_LIST>

Now if you need to refresh all the portlets then there is an easy shortcut
Just type "//<REFRESH_LIST>ALL</REFRESH_LIST> NOTE: "ALL" is in Caps

Similarly, add the trigger command to the 'Region' parameter


The Dashboard So Far


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