Excel Dashboard – Create Pie Chart

In the previous article (Create summary view portlets from Excel Data) we saw how to add a tabular portlet to the dashboard. Now we continue adding a Pie chart

Create Pie Chart (Glet)

We will convert each of the above queries into Pie chart. For a pie chart we just need two columns, the first column becomes the base on which the pie sections are named after and the second column is the numeric column that decides the pie size for each section.
Since we have three columns in all of the above queries, we will pick the first and the second column.

  • Click on the New Chart button
  • Enter the name of the Glet
  • Select the Chart Type (2d Pie or 3d Pie)
  • Enter the following query

select country_region, sum(quantity_sold) as qty_sold
from [detail_data$]
group by country_region
order by 3 desc

  • Click Apply


We don't need the order by clause for a pie chart. You can select "pie" , "Pie 3d" or "Ring" from the drop down.

Here is the 3D pie version


Here is the "Ring" version


Similarly lets create other pie charts

By Product Category Pie chart

select prod_category, sum(quantity_sold) as qty_sold
from [detail_data$]
group by prod_category


By Channel Class
select channel_class, sum(quantity_sold) as qty_sold
from [detail_data$]
group by channel_class


Your dashboard should look something like this


As you see the portlets are randomly placed and sized. We will take care of the placement and sizing later. Lets add few more stuff to the dashboard.

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