Dashboards for attorneys, CPAs, architects and consultants

If you are a Professional service firms of attorneys, CPAs, architects and consultants; along with business services such as facility management, office administrative support and employment; then there is a high chance that you are using Quickbooks or Peachtree or some similar accounting Package. All of these businesses have widely different measures of business success. However, every one of these businesses has activities that can be measured, monitored and managed by using Dashboard Programs.

Tracking client activity, status of specific projects, and steps in an approval process are possible Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be translated into data for dashboard displays.

Some issues that professional service businesses may wish to track include:

* Status of client projects.
* Work per employee.
* Billable hours by employee/project.
* Status of training or professional continuing education.
* Marketing/new business activities.
* Pro bono actions.
* Referrals.
* Employee benefit usage.
* Service calls.
* Waiting time for type of work.

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