Dashboard using Excel : Create Bar Chart

In the previous article we added a pie chart (Create Pie chart from Excel Data) and now we continue adding a Bar chart

Now we add a Bar chart to our Excel Dashboard

Top Countries
select country_name, sum(quantity_sold) as qty_sold
from [detail_data$]
group by country_name
order by sum(quantity_sold) desc


We select the "Chart Type = Bar", enter the query and hit "Full Apply"

The bar chart is displayed but there are few ugly things. The labels on the X-Axis are overlapping, we need proper names for the X and Y axes and what if we just need to see the "Top 5 Countries"?


As you see, we changed the Max Rows=5 which limits the bar chart to top 5 countries. We changed the X Axis label = Country, Y Axis label = Quantity Sold and finally we set the x Axis label angle to 30 degrees

Lets add another bar chart by Month

By Period
select calendar_month_name, sum(quantity_sold) as qty_sold
from [detail_data$]
group by calendar_month_name


Now we align and re-size the portlets
Click on Menu à Edit à Show Grid. Drag the borders of each portlet and resize them as you see fit


Now that our dashboard is almost ready, we will add some parameters and make it more user friendly.

Next -> Create dashboard Parameter

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