Create your first Excel Dashboard

In the previous article (Launch Dashboard Designer and Connect to Excel) we saw how to launnch Dashboard designer and connect to Excel file.

We continue building our dashboard

Create your first Dashboard


  • Click on the "New Dashboard" button (yellow highlight)
  • Enter the desired dashboard name (green highlight)
  • Click OK (blue highlight) - It creates an empty dashboard as shown below


Add content to your new Dashboard

Syntax for Querying Excel Worksheets

  • Each worksheet in Excel file is treated like a SQL table
  • The worksheet is referenced as [worksheet name$]
  • You can perform normal SQL selects on this table

Your first Portlet (Qlet )

Lets create the first portlet
We will show the complete file in the portlet using below query
"Select * from [detail_data$]
{detail data is one of the worksheet in the test_data.xls file}


  • Click on the "New Qlet" button or select Create à Query Portlet from Menu bar
  • In the property window as shown above, enter the Qlet Name
  • Select the Connection
  • Enter you query in the text editor
  • Click on the Apply button


Portlet Customizations

Once your portlet is visible, you can change the cosmetic features such as colors and fonts, increase/decrease column widths, change the location of the portlet and resize the portlet.


We just changed the column colors.

Next we build a summary table portlet -> Create summary view portlets from Excel Data

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