Common Mistakes When Creating a Dashboard

When you are creating your Infocaptor dashboard, there are some common mistakes that you will want to avoid in order to get the best possible use from this powerful business intelligence tool.

One of the biggest errors that dashboard users make is that they try to include too much information on a single layout. The power and effectiveness of an Infocaptor dashboard lies in its ability to deliver clear and pertinent information using a graphical visual layout. As we all know, too many items vying for attention in any one display will result in a confusing and messy dashboard. However although this is common knowledge and makes intuitive sense, it is still very easy to fall into this trap when creating a dashboard as it can be difficult to decide what information to exclude and what to include.

This brings me on to the next common error, which is the inclusion of irrelevant information. This can happen all to easily, if the dashboard designer is not clear on exactly what data the dashboard is supposed to provide. In general, if a business is using a dashboard solution, there will be at least one dashboard dedicated to providing a clear overview of the status of the business at a given time. There will most likely be other dashboards distributed throughout the company, with various departments using detailed dashboards that are relevant to their responsibilities. It is therefore very important that the creator of a dashboard know exactly what information the dashboard should relay. If it is a performance dashboard it should focus on clearly defined KPIs, and only include charts that clearly and efficiently provide a performance overview. Business intelligence solutions such as Infocaptor can be a great asset to any undertaking, but care should always be taken during the setup stages. in order to maximise the benefits of using tools of this kind.

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