Bigfoot vs UFO analytics

Bigfoot and UFO remain elusive but know their ways to make news from time to time.

Looking at the Google Trends data for both the entities we clearly see the spikes in their news activities.


Let us investigate the big spike in the middle for bigfoot

As can be seen in this interactive chart, the bigfoot big spike occured in the week of 10th August 2008.

Doing a search in Google for "2008 bigfoot news"



This search points to the website and it is a big database on bigfoot sightings.

It turns out 2008 was a big year for bigfoot for getting free publicity and it was a major Hoax

The Georgia Hoax was the biggest bigfoot story of 2008. The story was followed by a few thousand newspapers around the world, including every newspaper in the English speaking world.

Similarly, if you pick the spike dates and google them it may lead to the actual stories behind them.

And here is a comparison of the search/news activity by region for Bigfoot Vs UFO


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